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The following activities were carried out in addition to the regular health camps at Matruchaya, Sneh Mandir, and adopted villages under the Aao Gaon Chalen.

15th November 2014: Dr. Shashi Parkar gave an awareness talk on Cervical Cancer to women across all age groups 30 to 70 years.

16th November 2014: IMA Ponda in association with Vaishya Seva Sangh, Durgabhat, Ponda organised a Health Screening Camp for women with a special focus on Cervical Cancer Detection along with Dr. Shashi Parkar. Around 185 women were examined and 60 slides of PAP smear collected which have been sent to Hospicio Hospital Pathology Lab for reporting. These patients were examined for Hypertension, diabetes; bone densitometry was done to diagnose osteoporosis, breast examination done by Senior Surgeon, PAP smear collected by Gynaecologist. Following members participated in this camp- Dr. Purnima Usgaonker, Dr. Shashi Parkar, Dr. R.T.Parkar, Dr. Dattaram Desai, Dr. Vandana Patankar, Dr. Nutan Dev, Dr. Darshana Naik, Dr. Sufala Malnekar, Dr. Purva Sahakari, Dr. Santosh Naik, Dr. Jayant Kamat.

The cases detected to be positive for cervical cancer, will be provided with the necessary treatment at their follow up.

23rd November 2014: IMA Ponda in association with IMA Ponda Charitable trust and “Kalaghar� organised a fundraising charity show “Lagnachi Bedi� at Ravindra Bhavan at 7.30 pm. State President Dr. Jagdish Kakodkar was the chief guest of this function. The funds raised through this will be used for the IMA Ponda Hospice project.

29th November 2014: The monthly meeting along with the Annual General Body Meeting of IMA Ponda was held at 8.30 pm at IMA Hall, Kurtarkar Arcade, Ponda Goa. This meeting was attended by 29 members.The annual report of activities carried out during this year were presented by Secretary Dr. Darshana Naik

This meeting was followed by a CME on “Emergencies in Cardiology� by Dr. Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay, Interventional Cardiologist, NUSI Wockhardt Hospital.




IMA Ponda conducted the following activities:

1st October 2014: On the occasion of World Elders Day, IMA Ponda felicitated two honourable members of the society as follows:

  1. Dr Purnanand Usgaocar, Senior IMA Member
  2. Shambhu Palkar, Freedom Fighter from Savoi Verem Keri

5th October 2014: IMA Ponda in association with the IMA Ponda Charitable trust conducted a program to release a book on ‘First Aid Guide’ by Dr. Vallabh Dhaimodker and the release of passes of “Lagnachi Bedi�, charity show to be held on the 23rd November 2014 in aid of the IMA Hospice Project. Hon. State President Dr. Jagdish Kakodkar was the chief guest of this function. Other dignatories on the dias included Shri. Gaurish Dhond, Chairman of Indian Red Cross Society,Goa, Shri. Manguirish Pai Raikar, Chairman Of Green Triangle Society, Shri. Sadashiv Paranjape, Chief Inspector of Factories and Boilers. This function was attended by eminent people from the society and journalist from Press and Media.

18th October 2014: Monthly meeting was held followed by a CME on Hypertension Update 2014 by Dr. Amol Mahaldar, Consultant Nephrologist.

19th October 2014: IMA Ponda in association with Vijayadurga Saunsthan and CIPLA respiratory division organised a multispeciality GERIATRIC camp at Savoi Verem, Keri. This camp was attended by Dr. Lalana Bakhle, Dr .Shashi Parkar, Dr. Darshana Naik, Dr. Ajay Pednekar, Dr. Rajdatta Timble and Dr. Rajendra Dev. Around 106 patients were beneficiaries of this camp. They were assessed for cardiac, respiratory, orthopaedic problems. They were administered ECG, Spirometry, Bone densitometry, random blood sugar level with glucometer. All patients were given the necessary medications free of cost.

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12th to 21st October 2014: Hon. President IMA Ponda Dr Dattaram Desai, went to Kashmir to render his service to the flood stricken victims. He examined around 1500 people both from urban and rural areas. This was made possible in association with Seva Bharati Saunsthan.


A-1) 7th, 14th, 21st, & 28th:    Regular Health camps at Matruchaya  Dhangarwadi Kavlem..Dr.Sudha Vaidya and Dr.Purnima  attended the camps and Dr.Purnima also did regular check up of the inmates  and Dr.Santosh Usgaonker looked after the health of the inmates of Matruchaya at his clinic as and when required hospitalising them..

B- Mobile clinic of Snehamandir :

  1. 21/5/14 —At Borim….Participating doctors: Dr.M.P.Borkar and Dr.Smita Usgaonker

                Attended by 56 patients

  1. 28/5/14–At Borim..  Participating doctors: Dr.M.P.Borkar and Dr.Purnima Usgaonker

               Attended by 48 patients.

All Goa Inter IMA Cricket Tournament was held at the SAG Ground at Curchorem on the 18th of May 2014. It gives us great pleasure to inform that IMA Ponda were the winners of this tournament. Treasurer IMA Ponda        Dr. Rajdatta Timble was declared Best fielder and Man Of the Match while Dr. Basavraj Pattanshetty was adjudged as the Best Bowler.

As the State level CME was scheduled on the 30th and 31st May 2014, we at Ponda IMA did not conduct monthly CME.


26th April:

The 4th monthly meeting of IMA Ponda was held on the 26th of April 2014 at 8.30 pm at IMA Hall, Kurtarkar Arcade, Ponda. This meeting was attended by 36 members. This was followed by monthly CME at 9.00 pm on “Importance of blood culture in blood stream infections� by Dr. Shilpa Thukral (PhD in Immunology) from New Delhi.



24th April:

The 2nd Executive Committee Meeting was held on the 24th of April 2014 at IMA Hall, Ponda. This meeting was attended by 10 members. Various issues were discussed especially with regards to holding blood donation camp and celebration of Doctor’s Day.






Report of IMA Ponda CME for the month of March 2014

22nd March 2014:

The 3rd monthly meeting was held on the 22nd of March 2014 at 8.30 pm at IMA Hall, Kurtarkar Arcade, Ponda Goa. This was followed by monthly CME at 9.00 pm on “Stoke-Clinical Presentation and Management� by Dr. Teresa Fereira (DM Neurology), Consultant Neurologist at Goa Medical College, Bambolim-Goa.

Report of the Community Activities  under AAO GAON CHALEN

By: Dr.Purnima N.S.Usgaonker State Coordinator Aao Gaon Chalen IMA Goa State.


A-i]  4th;   12th;  19th;    26th  March  14: Regular Health camps at Matruchaya for Dhangarwadi Kavlem…

  ii] 3/3/14:  In Association with Peaceful Society  :Regular monthly Health camp in the adopted village Dhaknem.

1/3/14: Talk by Dr.Purnima Usgaonker on “Womanhood Health� in observance of International Women’s  Day by Ponda Club to the  Self Help groups of the area of Ponda . Around 150 women attended the talk .

5/3/14:  Health check up of employees of TCS company Mapusa byDr.Purnima .General Health check up of Around 30 employees was  done .Her Books on Nutrition in Adolescence ,Family Health in English and Konkani  were presented to the company by her.

8/3/14:  International Women’s Day Special  Health camp organised by United Beweries Betoda at  Betoda  Gram Panchayat Hall. Dr.Purnima Usgaonker, Dr.Padmini Prabhudessai , Dr.Jayashree Madkaikar and Dr.Sudha Vaidhya participated in the camp . Around 120 patients attended the camp.

23/3/14:  Second follow up Pediatric, ENT and Dental check up  of the students of pre-primary section of Dr.K.B.Hedgewar Vidyalay of Pondafor the academic year 2013-14  was done. Dr.Santosh Usgaonker, Dr.Rajdatta Timble ,Dr.Purnima Usgaonker did the Pediatric check up, Dr.Laxmikant Naik did the ENT check up, Dr.Jaya Shenoy Pedodentist from Ponda did the dental check up. After the total check up Dr.Purnima did the counselling of the all the parents along with the children.

30/3/14:  Follow up orientation camp   for Deaf and Dumb organised by  Sharada Granth Prasarak Saunstha Ponda, at their premises at Pai House Ponda. Dr.Anisha Sinha from  Cochlea Organization Poona and a speech therapist did the examination and  Bera  testing. The 7 cases identified earlier and some more  for the School in Ponda attended the camp.  Dr.Purnima Usgaonker , Dr.Nutan Dev attended the camp .The IMA members participated in the proceedings for  the project which would require their active support.

30/3/14:  All Goa Eighth and Second for Ponda Netradeep Camp was held at Panchayat Betoda Ponda .Dr.Manasi Prabhu Dessai from Goa Medical College and Dr.Shweta Khandeparkar from Ponda Branch were the ophthalmologists. Dr.Rajdatta Timble ,Treasurer IMA Ponda and the members of Student wing  assisted in the camp. Mukta opticians as usual played their important role. IMA  Ponda along with the Kelbai Club of Betoda were associated in organising the event. As Dr.Pradeep Naik  had prepared the time table of the camps and accordingly Dr.Purnima had informed the Betoda Panchayat  well in advance soon after the start of the camps,The Panchayat  had already made aware the locals and made other preparations much before the Election Code of Conduct was applied ,which helped the smooth running of the camp inspite of it being held with special permission of EC after the Code of conduct application.

30/3/14:General Health Check up camp organised by Dr.Ashok Amshekar for the Day Care Center for Elderly  in the adopted village at Valpoi . Around 60-70 inmates were examined. Dr.Shashi Parker, Dr.Ashok Amshekar,  Dr.Baban Kakodkar, Dr. Sandeep Naik participated in the camp.

  30/3/14:  Sterility Screening Camp at Matruchaya Centre by Dr.KedarPadte from Panaji .Dr.MohandasKamat from Ponda IMA participated in assistance work. Around 30 couples attended the camp.






Aao Gaon Chalen Abhiyaan:

By: Dr.Purnima N.S.Usgaonker State Coordinator Aao Gaon Chalen IMA Goa State.


1. 4th;   12th;  19th;    26th  FEB  14:

Regular Health camps at Matruchaya..

2.  4/2/14: 

In Association with Peaceful Society

Regular monthly Health camp in the adopted village Dhaknem Madkai  in association with Peaceful Society 35 patients attended. Medicines supplied by Peaceful Society.


In Association  with   Snehamandir  Bandora ……. Mobile  Health  Clinic:-

7/1/14 :  At Caranzalem Madkai 36 patients attended the camp.

18/2/14: At Caranzalem Madkai .57 patients attended the camp.

25/2/14:  ,Curti  Ponda Goa. 66 patients attended.

Members   Dr. Mohanlal Borkar  and  Dr. Purnima Usgaonkar  participated  in the camps  regularly.



22nd Feb 2014:

The 2nd monthly meeting of IMA Ponda and CME was held on the 22nd Feb 2014 at 8.30 pm at IMA Hall, Kurtarkar Arcade, Ponda. This meeting was attended by 36 members. At the outset, President Dr. Dattaram Desai welcomed the audience and the guest speakers. had an interesting lecture on “Mission of Love-Palliative Care� by our Guest Speaker Dr. Prashant Kakode, ENT Surgeon(UK). He spoke on the association between mind, body and medicine. Following this Dr. Jose Filipe Alvares presented a CME on “Management of Alcohol Liver Disease.� This was followed by a fellowship dinner sponsored by Hepatic Care Division of Abott Pharmaceuticals.








Camp  for Deaf and Dumb organised by Sharada Granth Prasarak Sanstha Ponda at their premises at Pai House Ponda.Dr.Vachasundar renowned ENT Surgeon from Poona and the Doctor running the Cochlea Organization,with school for the deaf and dumb from the age0 to 6yrs did the thorough ENT check up with audiometry and other tests with the help of his team. In all 20 patients from all over Goa attended the camp of which 7 were chosen for starting the school in Ponda with the help of speech therapists from Poona. Dr.Purnima Usgaonker , Dr.Nutan Dev attended the camp and the meeting thereafter with the visiting doctors which was also attended by Dr.Santosh Usgaonker,and Dr.Rajendra Dev .The IMA members participated in the discussions and  gave their valuable suggestions in the project which would require their active support.





DhavaliSarvajanik  Charitable Trust in association with IMA Ponda Charitable Trust  in collaboration with  Vidhya Diagnostics  Pvt. Ltd &  Dr. Dhaimodker’s Occupational Health & Research Centre

Organised  Diabetes , Hypertension , Anaemia& Blood Group Detection Camp at   Satyanarayan Temple Hall , Dhavali  in its own premises   on Sunday , 16th   February   to provide benefit to the citizens in and around Ponda  .


Vidhya Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd & Dr. Dhaimodker’s Occupational Health & Research Centre offere investigations such as Hemogram, Blood Group and Rh Factor and Blood Glucose to all the  beneficiaries attending the Camp   and facilities  of  ECG  &  Auditmetry ( Ear Tests) for patients above 60 yrs and 70 yrs respectively  . Besides  X’ray Chest ,  Spirometry and Echo were performed in  indicated patients .

The Camp was inaugurated by Dr. Navnath Bhatikar , Medical advisor and Director Sesa  Technical School .  Shri Sanjay Ghate , Secretary , Dhavali Sarvajanik Charitable Trust welcomed and briefed regarding the activities  of the Trust. Dr. Dhaimodker in his address explained details of its functioning in Preventive and Promotive Health .

Dr. Bhatikar inaugurated the camp by lighting the traditional lamp. Shri Devendra Dhavlikar , Chairman , Dhavali Sarvajanik Charitable Trust ; Dr. Dattaram Desai , President , IMA Ponda ; Dr. Santosh Usgaonker , Chairman, IMA Ponda Charitable Trust ; Shri Narayan Navti , Vice President ,Dhavali Sarvajanik Charitable Trust ; Dr.Purnima Usgaonker ,  State Coordinator , Aao Gaon Chalen Abhiyan , IMA Goa State ; Shri Laxmikant Dhaimodker  & Dr. Vallabh Dhaimodker present on the occasion

Medical examination was  conducted  by  members of IMA  Ponda and other branches

Dr. Lalana Bakhale  and Dr. Ramnath Nevrekar  Consultant Physician,  Dr. Navnath Bhatikar , Dr. Udaykumar Kerkar , Dr. Mohanlal Borkar , Dr. Purnima Usgaonker , Dr. Dattaram Desai , Dr. Anusuya Pai Kane , Dr. Ajay Pednekar , Dr. Smita Usgaocar , Dr. Vinod Parab , Dr. Basavraj Pattanshetti examined the patients .

Dr. Samidha Khandeparker along with the team of  technical staff from Vidhya Diagnostics  Pvt.Ltd. and Medilab conducted Blood tests   i.e. Hemogram , Blood Glucose and Blood Group .


Dr. Amey Kamat  and Dr. Rajdatta Timble along with  Pharmacists Avdhut Dhaimodker and Ms.  Desai  provided their services at Pharmacy .

Dr. Santosh Usgaonker and Dr. Rajendra Dev provided administrative support .

Counseling  on  diet and nutrition was given by Ms. Vandana Kakodkar and Ms. Aparna Mane .

Dr. Vinayak Buvaji , Secretary IMA Goa State and Dr. Pradnya Kakodkar , President , IMA CQS Branch who attended , expressed their happiness over the meticulous  organization of the Camp .

Shri Durgaram Upadhaye , Ms. Shubhangi Anant Raman , Shri Sadanand Korde , Madhukar Vernekar , Shri Kumbhar ,Shri Ganu D. Naik , Shri Manerikar , staff  of  Blue Cross laboratories Ltd   and young energetic team of  volunteers from Dhavali namely , Rushabh Prabhudesai , Pranav Navti , Pavankumar Kaushik , Gautam Patil, Tushar Patil ,Mihir Talwalkar , Pushkar Navti , Sarthak Dhavlikar ,Vedandi Dhavalikar ,Urvi Umarye and Vedika Behare assisted in the Camp .



Nearly 170  patients were benefited from the Camp. Organisers wish to conduct follow up  and advise them to take all the precautions to control their health ailments . IMA Ponda shall help them in taking appropriate treatment and even guide them to various medical centres including Sub District Hospital Ponda and Goa Medical College Bambolim .


Organizers received  support from the following organizations :

Cadila Health Care Ltd, KundaimPlant , Goa Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association , Blue Cross

Lab.Ltd, Franco Indian Pharmaceuticals Ltd , Mankind Discovery , Wallace Pharmaceuticals Ltd ,

Toyo Laboratories td ,S.K.Agencies, Ranbaxy Lab. Ltd., Ashwini Pharmaceuticals Ltd , Vishwakamal

Travels , Shree LaxmiPharma , Press  and  T.V. media , Management of ShriSatyanarayan temple,

Members of IMA  and local residents .








Talk by Dr.Purnima Usgaonker on Breast Cancer to women from Raj village organised by Innerwheel club of Ponda. Around 60 women attended .


World leprosy day was celebrated on 1st Feb 2014 at Govind Pai Raiturkar College of Commerce at Farmagudi Ponda Goa. Dr. Dattaram Dessai, Dr. Smita Usgaocar, and Dr. Shashi Parkar attended the function. An informative lecture was given by Dr. Shashi Parkar. Dr. Dattaram Dessai narrated his expiriences of his visit along with his team  at Anandvan Gadchiroli Ashram where rehabilitation of leprosy patients  is done.






IMA Goa State Constitution

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Guidelines for felicitation committee

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